K.T.T.SHPG. airfreight logistics has many specialised variations. Whether your cargo needs rapid shipping, precise temperature regulation, or requires special handling, we have the right product for you.

K.T.T.SHPG. suite of airfreight products has been designed to meet the logistics challenges our customers face every day. We constantly strive to expand and improve our portfolio of services to ensure that we stay one step ahead of the competition.

These products incorporate innovative and industry-unique features including:

  • Industry-leading commitment to Cargo 2000 quality standards
  • Delivery time promise
  • Visibility of actual and planned movements
  • Automatically calculated “all inclusive” price, including fuel & security (Subject to out of control costs, e.g. screening, duties etc.)
  • Immediate availability of price (including “to-door”)
  • Accurate and standardised invoicing